1. Students were asked to copy the sent notes to their Home work note book page (page 5-8)  - Submission date : 12th and 13th 
2. Use of shape tweening and its advantages: : 19th and 20th


1. Explain all types of Symbols - S.Date : 16th and 17th Nov
2. Write the steps involved in making path animation S.Date : 23rd and 24th Nov

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 1.Write the steps involved for making objects moves along with 
    backgrounds? (4th and 5th Jan )
2. Plan and Draw 5 cartoon animation scenes (it can be any cartoon 
    story with the title) in your note book . (11th and 12th Jan )
    For eg: Thirsty crow, Greedy dog, Tom and Jerry etc.
3. Please observe the tutorial (creating cartoon character for
Click on this link (18th and 19th Jan)
4. Difference between Movie clip and Graphic symbol?
(25th Jan and 26th Jan)


1. Write the Advantages and disadvantages of Graphic and Movie clip
    Symbol? (1st and 2nd Feb)
2. Write the use and function of Timeline effects in Flash? (8th and 9th Feb)
3. Uses and steps for making mask animation in flash? (16th and 17th Feb)
4. Difference between Mask layer and Motion guide layer? (16th and 17th Feb)


1. Write the first 2 question answers from the Midterm-2 QB
2. Write a paragragraph about your selected topic (Social awareness) 
    Note: the para should include -What is it? where?, Impact or effects?  
      and the solutions for it?
3. Write the next 2 question answers from the midterm -2 QB
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