Information and communication Technology


Website is a collection of linked webpages stored on a web server. Most websites have a homepage that describes the information located on the website and provides a place where people can start their exploration of the website. A good website includes links that make it easy to find the most important content on the site.


Photoshop is powerful image editing program. Photoshop provides tools for creating and manipulating static images for use on the Web. You can divide an image into slices, add links and HTML text optimize the slices, and save the image as a Web page. With its comprehensive set of retouching, painting, drawing, and Web tools, Photoshop helps you complete any image-editing task efficiently.


Flash is used for :
Web Authoring: Flash document can used for making HTML file/ web animations
Presentations: Flash movies can also be used as presentation tool.
E-commerce: Flash contains a powerful programming language, called Action Script. Flash action Script is the same as Javascript.
Flash video can be export into Quick time format / window AVI format.

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